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TRACTOR (orange)

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Safe Toy, Safe Play!

Come on, small farmers, harvest and transport the freshest organic produce!
Let’s Be Child Tractor is a toy that little ones can have fun and play with safely.
Teaching children about farming, agricultural products, harvesting, etc. It is an excellent tool for teaching concepts.
Manufactured with care and durability, this toy is made safe for children and the new world they discover.
The toy does not contain BPA, Phthalates, PVC and similar external coatings containing lead paint and meets FDA standards.
You can take this tractor, which children will not want to leave with them, wherever you go.
Since it is easy to clean, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.
It is designed to be suitable for small hands. Little ones can easily grasp the thin and rounded hood and move the tractor easily.
The rear wagon, which can be easily removed and installed, allows little ones to load and carry any cargo they want.
It is suitable for food transportation. Have your child place fruit, crackers, etc. on the table. You can make snack times much more fun by letting him carry things.
It develops the imagination and creativity of the little ones.


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