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Barbie self-care douch

43,00 $


Barbie Doll & Bathtub Playset, Confetti Soap & Accessories

Barbie doll knows that self-care helps her feel happy and healthy! This Barbie Confetti Bathtub and Doll Playset is Barbie doll’s favorite way to recharge. Two bags of dissolvable confetti soap change the bath water the same color, adding a little dash of magic to playtime! Plus, themed items and accessories set the scene for storytelling. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • What’s more peaceful than a luxurious bath This Barbie Confetti Bathtub and Doll Playset is Barbie doll’s favorite -and most colorful -way to relax!
  • Barbie doll is bendable and posable with 7 points of articulation for realistic play. She has straight blonde hair and comes dressed in a swimsuit with a sheer sarong!
  • Two bags of confetti soap are included (pink and blue) which change the bath water the same color -so cool! The bags are resealable for future use.
  • There’s enough confetti soap for repeat play. Kids can get creative and experiment by mixing the two color bags to create purple!
  • Barbie doll has everything needed for a relaxing soak in the tub: a bathtub and bath tray, shelving unit, towel, large brush, small brush, lotion bottle, soap, plant, candle, sign and puppy.


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